Cristal Items of exception hand cut

Cristal Benito has been a passion for cut cristal for three generations.
José, Martin and now Franck have been devoted to the family business since 1952.
However, the origins of the story are older : Arrived in France in 1925, Jose Benito and his brother first opened a workshop for perfume bottles stoppers. Martin Benito, Franck’s father then trained to cut cristal from under an artist craftsman, and then established a company in Colombes (still at the same address) the company Cristal Benito & Sons.
Franck Benito became an established cristal artist cutter over the years whilst growing the business on an international level, hence establishing a lasting reputation.
Managing the company since 2004, Franck is constantly creating new ranges and models at the same time as improve the classic ones. As well as, improving colour , light and transparency effects. Through his daily hand on creation Franck has perpetuated a fine tradition and improvement of techniques of the cristal artist/craftsman.
Franck develops each of his projects matching new concepts with tradition and the wishes and tastes of his clients.
In order to promote modernism and novelty Franck Benito forma multiple partnerships and creative collaborations with other art crafts (silver, enamel, jewellery, leather etc).

Crystal creation exceptional pieces

The know-how

The cristal designs are sketched by Franck Benito and the bespoke items manufactured by very carefully selected ateliers. The resultant items are then returned to Benito’s workshop where motifs are draw with a paintbrush or a pen and the cristal designs cut with the utmost precision by traditional grinding wheels of different sizes to ensure a perfect shine and glitter.
These grinding wheels are very rare made of sandstone or cork and are entirely hand calibrated for each object to effect the perfect depth of cut consistant with reaching the extreme limit of resistance. This cut called “à main levée” and gives the uniqueness to each piece to give a perfect and exquisite finish to this art craft production of one of a kind, the finished piece is then ornamented with fixtures in guilt bronzer silvery bronze tailored made by arts craft artists highly qualified specialists in these fields and adapted to the style of decoration requested: Classical, Louis XV, Empire, Art déco or contemporary.

Crystal creation exceptional pieces

Products and services.

The activity is nowadays mainly orientated towards creation of bespoke pieces or small series required by interior designers, architects , boutiques and hotels and restaurants (Europe, USA, Middle east, China, Russia).
Cristal Benito creations are timeless and soon be considered as art pieces. One must not forget, however, that these remarkable pieces are created to be used : Vases, fruit cups, jewels, box, Egg for perfumes, Caviar but also alcohol liquors flacons and glasses as well as lightning appliances.
Additionally as risks are part of using these fine pieces, Franck Benito repairs and restaures his creations but also those of other artists of the past.

Crystal creation exceptional pieces

Awards & Prizes

Cristal Benito is labelled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” by the French government and is also a member of Ateliers d’Art de France and the Grands Ateliers de France.

Franck Benito est Maître d'art et titulaire de différents prix et récompenses, tant pour la reconnaissance de sa maîtrise technique (Prix SEMA) que pour celle de son dynamisme commercial (Prix de la Dynamique Commerciale du 92, Lauréat National du Prix Stars et Métiers).

Références client
Alberto Pinto Paris
Van Cleef & Arpels Paris
Services de la Présidence à l'Elysée
Thomas Goode Londres
Winch Design Ltd Londres
Bergdorf Goodmann New York
Grands antiquaires New York
Mercury Moscou

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